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iMariner - make celestial navigation easier

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iMariner - make celestial navigation easier Empty iMariner - make celestial navigation easier

Post  Admin Wed May 11, 2011 10:54 pm

iMariner is an iPhone and iPad application, available on appStore, intended to assist celestial navigators.

Its primary goals are :

- display almanac informations : GHAsun, DECsun, Noon, GHAaries, GHAMoon, DECMoon, SDMoon, HPMoon. These almanac data can then be used in your favorite hand-made calculation,

- reduce a sight : getting your observed altitude and the precise time, it calculate Intercept and Azimut. You don't need any calculation ! Simply report Intercept and Azimut to your navigational chart.
You can reduce sights from the sun, the moon and 92 most brightness stars from both hemispheres.

- take a fix : with two sights, iMariner is able to calculate your position (latitude/longitude)

- meridian passage : iMariner helps you to take observations mandatory to know your position (latitude/longitude)

- iMariner can help you to prepare your sights from 3 stars at sunset and at sunrise (stars selection depending of your estimated position)

iMariner is a standalone application. It doesn't require internet connection. It is light and calculations are optimized to save energy on your boat.

NOTICE : iMariner is for advertised users and is not intended to replace modern electronic positionning devices. The iMariner team can't be responsible of mistaked use of a sextant, nor mis-interpretation of calculus. iMariner will not replace the good seamanship.


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